Autumn 2019

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The Good Deeds Week 2019 is Over

The Good Deeds Week 2019 organised by the charity organization Palīdzē is over leaving us with a feeling of great satisfaction about the good works done. This Week was held 7-13 October already for the 11th year in a row. For one week, more than 400 of good deeds were done with the help of 15,000 people in Latvia.

The Archive of Works Done

Many animal shelters were visited this year, donating both blankets and food, cleaning animal sheds, and taking out for a walk dogs that have been left without an owner. Amongst the most visited were Association Liberta animal shelter, shelter “Astes un Ūsas”, Līga’s Cat Seniors' Home, animal shelters in Valmiera, Riga, Daugavpils, Ventspils, Jelgava, Madona, Talsi municipalities, as well as Rezekne, Jekabpils and the shelter of Latvia University of Agriculture Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. For example, Jekabpils animal shelter received 260 kilograms of dog food and 80 kilograms of cat food in donations under this campaign.

Likewise, people of Latvia have been active participants starting already from primary school age and joining in cleaning up Aizkraukle, Kraslava, Edole, Roja, Rundale Palace, Vecumnieki, Ogre, Riga, Jurmala, Valdemarpils, Viesite, Broceni, etc. neighbourhoods.

Nursing homes were visited, and seniors were entertained with self-made gifts, concerts, and games. This year we visited the elderly people's nursing home “Kalmes” in Sabile, nursing home “Atvasara”, the nursing home of VSAC “Riga” Jugla branch, as well as a nursing home in Smiltene, etc.

As every year, blood donations were made at the State Blood Donor centre and many did so for the very first time. For example, on October 15, 28 residents of Vecumnieki municipality donated blood within three hours and six of them were engaged in the noble mission for the first time.

This year, as every year, many children from schools, kindergartens and hobby groups participated in the campaign, especially these - Valdemarpils Secondary School “Mazpulki”, Kandava Multifunctional Youth Initiative Center “Nagla”, Gaujiena Elementary School, Ogre Technical High School, Ventspils Secondary School No. 2, Aizkraukles municipality Secondary School, Valmiera Gauja Shore Secondary School, Adazi Secondary School, Priekule Secondary School, Berzaune Elementary School, Piltene Secondary School, Broceni Secondary School, Mores Elementary School, Rezekne Catholic Secondary School, Malnava College, Kraslava preschool educational institution “Pīlādzītis”, Vecumnieki Secondary School.

Likewise, many companies have joined forces with schools, or employees themselves, going to animal shelters, nursing homes, or cleaning up their neighbourhood. For example, in Rezekne Culture House a charity concert was held - “To Anete from the Bottom of our Hearts". It was arranged by the Rezekne Culture and Tourism Center. During this concert, donations were collected for Anete who is suffering from health issues.

As usual, at the end of Good Deeds Week, the organizers go to a school that has been active in responding to the call for good deeds. This year - to Valdemarpils Secondary School, paying special attention to the good deeds of Valdemarpils association “Mazpulcēni”, carried out not only during the Good Deeds Week, but also throughout the rest of the year.

Valdemarpils, as well as other active doers of good deeds, will receive a special surprise from HC “Dinamo Rīga”, a long-time partner of “Palīdzē” - tickets to HC “Dinamo Rīga” hockey games in “Arena Riga” in November.

This year has indeed been rich in good deeds, both small and large. We believe and hope that the Good Deeds Week has been a great encouragement to many, and the good deed boom has just begun!

Big and sincere thanks to our supporters and partners!

We’ll see you during the Good Deeds Week 2020 doing even more good deeds for our Latvia!

We can do more good deeds when we do it together!



Closing event for the Good Deeds Week 2019 in Valdemarpils

As usual, at the end of the week, we brought together the most hard-working participants to celebrate those who did a lot of important and significant deeds during the Good Deed Week with a special celebratory program.

The choice was not easy as there have been many good deeds this year, each and every one of them carried out with special care and love.

Together with SIA “Jogita Events”, “Dinamo Rīga” mascot and photographer Andrejs Terentjevs, we went to the picturesque Valdemarpils to express a special thanks to Valdemarpils High School association “Mazpulks” and Valdemarpils High School students and teachers for their active participation in the campaign.

The deeds performed by residents of Valdemarpils can be listed on several pages:

- Valdemarpils Evangelical Lutheran Church was tidied up for the holiday service. Association “Mazpulks” cleaned the dust from the windowsills and benches, wiped the floor and washed the altar, as well as cleaned the area surrounding the church - removing the weeds from the pathways and collecting the fallen branches;

– Madame Elza got her firewood chopped and stowed away in the shed;

- once again association “Mazpulks” organized a charity campaign to entertain the little paws of the Talsi animal shelter "Ausma" involving residents of Valdemarpils;

– the association “Mazpulks” takes care of graves of former teachers of the Valdemarpils Secondary School. They remove the fallen leaves, collect the fallen branches, weed out the weeds in the area, lay flowers on the graves, and light candles;

- association “Mazpulks” entertains the retired teachers of Valdemarpils Secondary School with flowers from their gardens own every year on the Day of Knowledge. This year the flowers were grown by Elizabete, the youngest member of the “Mazpulks” association - beautiful gladioli;

The list of deeds was long and extensive, and as noted by Anda Dzene, Head of the Valdemarpils “Mazpulks”, the good deeds are performed not only during this special week, but throughout the year.

We, the organizers of the campaign, are extremely pleased and overwhelmed to see that there are such teachers, heads of “Mazpulks” and children in Latvia who are wholeheartedly bring joy to others, tidy up own neighbourhoods and enrich Latvia with their good deeds. And the joy of being a part of the good deeds promoters is that the campaign is so important in providing the stimulus and inspiration to do good deeds on a regular basis and continuously.

Valdemarpils, as well as other active doers of good deeds, will receive a special surprise from HC “Dinamo Rīga”, a long-time partner of “Palīdzē” - tickets to HC “Dinamo Rīga” hockey games in “Arena Riga” in November.

Summer 2019

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Campaign "The Week of Good Deeds 2019" from October 7-13 throughout Latvia!

For the eleventh year during "The Week of Good Deeds" organised by charity organisation Palīdzē – both the smallest and also experienced doers of good deeds are encouraged to do good deeds making think about each smallest work, which may bring joy and ease daily life of other person, which means so much for that other person, while for You these are just a few moments of giving your helping hand and satisfaction with your deed.

During the "Week of Good Deeds", increased attention is being paid to the help that can be provided without a large financial investment. This may be help to a lonely person or a simple talk, even a smile or a good word may mean so much.
Invite others to join Your work and post information about the work You plan!

By working together, we can do more good deeds!





The charity organisation “Palīdzē” has started an international project to improve knowledge of youths from a social risk group in digital competence

The charity organisation “Palīdzē”, the main target group of which are youths from a social risk group, in cooperation with five countries, has started an international project by submitting the project and receiving funding from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway, which is provided by EEA and Norway in the form of a grant.





“I can sea” – youth exchange in France


In the middle of July, youths from Palīdzē had a fantastic opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ youth exchange programme project “I can sea”, which was organised in the most beautiful region of France – Bretagne. The project was organised by the French youth organisation Coevrons Jeunesse






The second talent competition for special children “What are you good for!” has ended


For the second year in a row we help to organise and implement a talent competition for special children and youths organised by the Latvian Support Association for Impaired Hearing People


Joint work to inform on progress in combatting youth unemployment

The official issuing of the Youth Employment Magazine is announced for the International Day of Friendship of the UN. Almost 200 institutions from 26 European countries, which implement projects funded by Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway, joined to share the results of their initiatives aiming to combat youth unemployment in Europe.





“Palīdzē” has celebrated its 10th birthday


June 1 was a big event for the team of “Palīdzē”, the children and youths cared by them and their parents, supporters and volunteers of the organisation.

Those who received help and those who provide support by donating money, products, services, their time and talent met in a warm-hearted atmosphere in the guest house “Skultes muiža”.

In ten years the charity organisation has helped over 500 children and youths.

Over 155 photo stories with requests for help and about the same amount of photo stories showing how we had together changed the lives of these children have been created.

Close cooperation with 8 care centres, 7 specialised boarding schools, 6 orphan homes all over Latvia and the Ilguciems prison for women has been established.

32 summer camps have been organised, countess hikes have been implemented, together with youths we have participated in 7 Riga marathons and have just started cooperation with “Stirnu buks”, 10 Week of Good Deeds have been organised, our Youth Club is meeting every other week, as well as other biggest pride – Brīvbrīdis, where our perfect special children and their fantastic moms meet.

Thanks to the trust of our supporters and cooperation partners, we are planning our next decade :).




We participate in AndeleMandele Grand to be able to continue our charity projects

For us to be able to continue to implement charity projects, we participate in AndeleMandele Grand, where it will be possible to acquire clothes, footwear and accessories of people well-known in the society for donations.


Spring 2019

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Social rehabilitation programme “Brīvbrīdis” (“Spare Moment”) for children with functional disorders and their legal representatives and foster families

On 1 April, “Palīdzē” starts the project “Social rehabilitation programme “Brīvbrīdis” for children with functional disorders and their legal representatives and foster families”, supported by structural funds of the European Union and the Cohesion Fund.
The project provides for introduction of an activity, aimed at ensuring accessibility of society-based social services for 25 children with functional disorders and determined disability, in order to improve their social and other skills and knowledge, promote their integration in the society, educate them by using non-formal education methods, motivate and raise self-confidence, improve functional abilities, and introduce support activities for their parents, legal guardians or foster parents. The project will involve 20 individual social rehabilitation services for each child, which will improve their health condition, develop intellectual and active movement and communication capabilities, and will raise their self-confidence. It is planned that some of these services will be provided as group classes. 20 group classes are planned during the project, where children will have wide range of educational, developing and rehabilitational sessions.




Summer camp for children with special needs and their families



The summer camp for children with special needs and their families “Butterfly Summers 2019” („Taureņu vasaras 2019”) this year is organised in close cooperation with the charity foundation “Be Open”.

This summer camp serves both as intense rehabilitation process, and a huge adventure for children, which they await even more than Christmas.

Whereas for mums, who cannot leave their special children without attention and assistance even for a moment, these days give an opportunity to breathe a little, gain new experience, emotions, and make new friends.

For all those, who are ready to support children with special needs and their special families, details for donations will be useful:

Charity Foundation BeOpen

Registration no. 50008218201

Bank account LV59 CBBR 1123 2155 000 10

Payment purpose: support for summer camp

Commission fee is not applied to donations.





Learning reporting software through online training within the framework of the international project “CODE”

We are learning a reporting software in online training within the framework of the international project “CODE”, supported by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

This project will give an opportunity for young persons to learn graphic design and 3D animation skills.



We visit L’Oreal Baltic together with mums of children with special needs

We visit L’Oreal Baltic together with mums of children with special needs to be preened and receive advice about latest makeup and hairstyle trends.



“Brīvbrīdis” – visited by Aija Auškāpa

Another “Brīvbrīdis” – is a cycle of classes for children with special needs and their parents. This time we are visited by Aija Auškāpa - the manager of Brainstorm and a member of X Factor panel of judges, and for children – a creative session.

Spring activities

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Palīdzē at NGO festival

NGO Youth Festival 2015 "Jaunieši iesaistās!" ("Young people are involved!") was held on 24 March at the exhibition centre Ķīpsala, where Palīdzē also took part and offered all interested persons to find out more about its activities and participate in the event "Radošums vieno!" ("Creativity unites!"). By organizing this event, we wanted to show to any young person visiting the forum that everything is possible in life.

The project is co-funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.




We are going to take part in the annual forum organized by the Saeima and the non-governmental organisation (NGO) "Participation, equality and solidarity – current values on the way to safety and freedom"

We are going to take part in the annual forum organized by the Saeima and the non-governmental organisation (NGO) "Participation, equality and solidarity – current values on the way to safety and freedom".



Meeting of the Advisory Board of Riga Youth Organisation

Palīdzē takes part in the regular meeting of the Advisory Board of Riga Youth Organisation.




Spring for palīdzē started with a new successful collaboration with kitchen salon NOLTE Rīga!

Spring for palīdzē started with a new successful collaboration with kitchen salon NOLTE Rīga! Young people cared for by Palīdzē were invited to the salon NOLTE Rīga in the Baron quarter where young people from socially vulnerable groups had the opportunity to participate in cooking master class.

Cooking master class – Preparation for independent living: "How to survive in the big city?"


The event was attended by young people studying to become assistant chef, and it was a great opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired in school to real life in a beautiful Nolte kitchen.




Palīdzē team is getting ready for Lattelecom Riga Marathon!

With the support of the Lattelecom Riga Marathon, Palīdzē team consisting of 17 young people and three employees has the opportunity to take part in the marathon on 17 May. This year we accepted a new challenge and the most of our participants will run 10 km distance. 10 km is a serious distance, so since 19 April Palīdzē team organises a joint training every Sunday and takes part in a joint training organised by Lattelecom in Mežaparks.


Swap Old for New

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RITO kitchenware chain store in association with charitable organization Palīdzē is continuing its charity campaign appealing to people to donate utensils and kitchenware: pots, pans, tableware, plates, glasses and other useful things for kitchen and home for the support of families at risk. There are so many families in Latvia that really need your help: foster families, large families, low income and disadvantaged families. They will be happy to receive and use your donations on a daily basis. Please donate kitchenware from April 1 to April 30 at all RITO chain stores in Riga, Liepaja, and Ventspils.


January activities

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28.01. Visiting Emīlija

We are visiting  Emīlija in the Vaivari Rehabilitation Centre. 2 years have passed since our last meeting. The girl is with her grandmother again, her mother wasn’t strong enough :(. Emīlija is walking with a baby walker and is joyful! We are glad! In spring she plans to have dolphin therapy. 


We are thinking, discussing, deciding on the “Training programme for youth workers in 2015” in the Riga Youth Centre “Kaņieris” together with other youth NGOs. 

Social integration project “Learn to create”

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Thanks to the support of VAS “Latvijas Loto” we had the possibility to realize this project.  During June- December, 2014 about 30 children and young people which are from social risk families due to the lack of education, health problems and/ or economical problems  by using non-formal education methods were tough new skills, integrated in the society, they also had the first insights into the business. During the project in the cooperation with the experts in certain fields were made 8 different creative workshops and a seminar.

Many thanks to VAS “Latvijas Loto”!

Special Christmas goody

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In autumn we were contacted by our long term cooperation partner- shopping center Mols with a suggestion to realize together a social project- to make special packs of cookies which will be given to the cooperation partners of the shopping center as presents with an added value. In this project more than 15 young people from foster families, social risk families, special schools took part. In total during the day we cooked 50 kg of cookies! Every of cookie had a piece of true love and thoroughness – as a gift from young people to the receivers. The gifts were packed by the help of company Mc Ābols poligrāfija”. As a prize for taking part in this project the young people have a possibility to enjoy the winter activities together with their brothers and sisters.

Many thanks to T/C „Mols”, specially to Lelde Gangnuse-Bērziņa, „Mārtiņa Beķereja”, „Vairāk saules”.

The charity campaign “Let’s warm the hearts 2014” is over

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In December we tried to realize different activities in order to make real celebration for the children and young people with different health and social problems by participating in the charity markets, by realizing the joint project “The special Christmas goody” with the cooperation of the shopping center Mols, „Mārtiņa Beķereja”, „Vairāk saules”, also together with „E.pasaule” by making the calendar.

Thanks to the support of the donators in total 434 children and young people from socially unprotected groups together with accompanying persons could  visit Līvu aqua park. This was their the most desired dream also this year- to go to the aqua park.

Just after the new year we met with the young people of Palīdzē to have our Christmas celebration. We enjoyed interesting games and theater elements, we also discussed with the young people what has been done last year and planned the new challenges for 2015.

In December and January we sent the gifts by Pasta Stacija to those children and young people who could not come to the aqua park.

Many thanks to all the donators: society „Nicole Smile”, SIA „Avantex”, SIA „TRANSPORTS24 LATVIA”, SIA E-Pasaule, „Arrow ECS Baltic OU”, Zita Ruņģe, Maija Baumane, Valaine Iveta , Ilvai Utāne, Daiga Baranovska. 

Thanks also to our cooperation partners for the gifts: L’oreal Latvia, Stenders, Veiters, Ādažu čipsi, Egmont Latvia, Asta Pro!

Huge thanks also to photo news agency F64, Krapānu family, fans of the hockey club “Dinamo Rīga”, „Media control”,  „Novo Nordisk”, SIA Draugiem. This project is co-financed by Island, Liechtenstein, Norway.

Project’s „Foundation „Palīdzē” operational support” activities in December

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Several social integration events were implemented in December, incl. the annual Christmas charity event “Make hearts warmer”, a visit to Līvu water park for 400 children, youths and their families, a charity market and other charity events during the game of HK Dinamo Rīga in Arēnā Rīga, as well as  psychology trainings for youths headed by a psychologist.

A joint project by SC Mols and Palīdzē “Special Christmas hamper” was implemented. Within the framework of the project, special packs of cookies were created and delivered to tenants and cooperation partners of the Mols shopping centre as gifts with added value. One of social integration events for children and youths from target groups was preparation of cookies.

A Christmas miracle was created for visually impaired children and their families by organising a meeting at the “Christmas Waiting Event” jointly with the Latvian Support Association for Visually Impaired People A visit to the event of Gaujiena Orphanage was organised to surprise the children and give them a true holiday! Volunteer artists of the organisation were also involved in the event – Liene Šomase, Jogita Pūpola and Pārsteigumu Karuselis!

A support raising project was started in December together with internet supermarket, which will help to provide food and domestic things to the families supported by Palīdzē

In November, there was also a meeting in the EU House with the “Healthy Choice” NGO from Belarus, and Palīdzē presented its experience in the work with young people and families subject to social risks, as well as learned the experience of Belarus.

The project receives financial support from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, and the co-funding granted to the project in 2014 made 90% of the total costs of the project or EUR 24,179.70.

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