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Team of Palīdzē in the BTA Woman’s Day rally

posted Mar 18, 2013, 3:02 AM by Renāte Robežniece   [ updated Mar 18, 2013, 3:47 AM ]

The team of Palīdzē is strong and united in reaching its aims. They proved it not only in the every day tasks, but also by jointing its strengths and participating in the BTA Woman’s Day rally, organizes by the society Par stipru Latviju (“For strong Latvia”).


We started when it got dark and we took it as to an additional challenge. We felt pleasantly excited and full of determination to prove to ourselves, the organizers of the event and other participants that we are attractive, clever and many-sided! We felt welcome and special during all the event – on the start line where we gave our souvenirs to the hosts of the event- Ufo and Raimonds Bergmanis, in the checkpoints and in the party at the end of the event.


Even if it was not easy to find the second checkpoint, we got over the first panic and confusion and further we had quite a good success. We were quite late with finding the second checkpoint and it become even worse because the car of team „Matrix Ladies” was stuck in the snowdrift and we could not pass by it. Our photographer, attractive photographer from F64, Inga Nestere said "golden words": “We are from Palīdzē! Let us go to help!”


Driving by the snowy and icy roads was a real test, but we managed to do it. In total we spent more than 6 hours in the route which of course seemed much too much, but the positive emotions were worth it!  We reached the finish being tired, but also happy about the accomplished!


With a magnificent party and concert of the group „Dzelzs vilks” came to the end already the 5th Woman’s Day rally in which 365 teams participated, in total more than 1000 attractive and active women from all Latvia.


Many, many thanks to the society „Par stipru Latviju” about the possibility to take part in the rally! The event was perfectly organized "from A to Z"! Thanks to all responsive men which worked in the checkpoints! In our car the thermometer in some places showed -13 degrees and the checkpoints worked from the 1st crew which started at 3.p.m. until even 1.20 at night. Thanks to T-bode for the shirts, Jurijs- for magnets with Palīdzē logo for the car! Thanks to the hardy F64 photographer Inga Nestere! And thanks to all the participants for the very nice event! Every crew was very carefully prepared for this big event and though over about the visual image of the crew, car design and bright clothes. We hope that also next year we will be able to take part in the Woman’s Day rally and we will get better results! The main thing is not to win, but to participate!