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The week of the good deeds this year from 13.-19.10.

posted Oct 7, 2014, 6:13 AM by Renāte Robežniece
The charity organization Palīdzē already for the 6th year is organizing a campaign “The week of the good deeds” during which a special attention is paid to the help for which no big financial investments are needed. During that week we invite people to help people around, animals or society and develop the helping culture in Latvia. With “The week of the good deeds” we would like to encourage everybody for good deeds, to show how easy, pleasant and exciting can be helping and how important it is. We all know that people in Latvia are very responsive, they do not think long as soon as they hear about the necessity to help. During this week we would like to actualize the helping which is possible without any big money means. It can be even a simple job, something we do as self-understanding- help an elderly person to bring their purchases, to feed a homeless cat, to help a poor family who lives in neighboring by presenting the things which you do not need anymore, to clean the yard of your school, to go with your class or family to the animal shelter or visit elderly people living in the nursing home, to donate blood, gather waste paper or acorns for the animals. It does not take much from us, but gives a substantial support for somebody else. The week of the good deeds encourages us to look around ourselves and see those who needs help and give it. When a good job is done, we invite to tell about it also others- as an example of good practice and an inspiration. In the coming days will be open a page of “The week of the good deeds”. Information about those who needs help, please send to labie [email protected] and we all together will be able to help. The deepest meaning of the campaign is to encourage the people not to do good deeds only in Christmas or during The week of the good deeds, but in everyday life. By doing something good you understand that it is easy and gives double joy- for yourself and also for the one who you helped. By doing together we can do more good jobs.