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The youth club of Palīdzē who we are? what we do?

posted Dec 16, 2014, 12:05 AM by Renāte Robežniece

The youth club of Palīdzē is founded with the aim to involve young people with special needs and from social risk families in different projects, seminars, camps, creative workshops. To educate them about health, social, cultural issues, to motivate for the further education with an aim to become a society member with full rights, to integrate in the society and promote  the understanding of young people and cooperation between young people with special needs and young people without the health problems. At the moment in the club there are more than 30 participants- young people from different parts of Latvia, they number is growing every day. The young people regularly get involved in the projects and activities of the organization as volunteers, in this way becoming not only the „receivers”, but also the „givers”. The biggest joy and satisfaction of the workers of the organization  is to see that during 2 years the young people have „grown”- they have become more open, communicative, helpful, creative, they think about the further education and work possibilities.

In order to help this project for young people to develop we need the money, it is needeed mainly for the transport from home to the place of the event, food, materials.  During summer- autumn season we have planned different educative events-  summer camps in which young people not only actively relax, but they also get knowledge by using non-formal educational methods. Educational excursions to the companies (Mārtiņa Beķereja, Latfood). By using long term cooperation with these companies, these excursions are supported, but money is needed for the mentioned transportation.  We will also go on working on the creative workshops, attending different educational institutions, cultural events, talk about sexual education and the seriousness of different dependences. During the work of the organization we have made sure about the fact that by involving children and young people when actively participate themselves, by making different motivating and educational programmes, seminars, events,  their perception of life is changing, they start thinking more about the further education, profession and development, their self esteem and believe in their strentgh are growing, they understand that they themselves can change and improve their life quality, not just wait for the help from somebody else, in this way not becoming a “new consumer generation”. We think that our work with young people is important for their further development which is a invaluable benefit not only for the young people themselves, but for all society in general.  In you can support the “Young people club”, please kindly contact us.